Planting plans

Landscape designs go hand in hand with sustainable planting plans, you can't have a one without the other!


We, at Monika Olson Design are responsible for making the best possible choice when selecting plants and trees and placing them in the correct places for maximum aesthetic and design factors. Long lasting benefits happen when employing a landscape designer who knows their stuff and who has hands on experience when it comes to plants and trees and creating healthy environments for life to happen.


Unless you are an avid gardener, doing your own planting plan for your project could become a very expensive exercise... when plants don't survive or get too big for example. So, get your planting correctly planned and looking perfect in a well-designed garden by getting us on board.

It is up to us the designer, to match up an appropriate plant section to your project and make sure that there is a plan in place to keep the garden looking great after the garden is installed. It’s at these early stages of design that these items are considered.

Considerations for a Planting Plan
The PH of your soil, the amount of sun, wind, rain even sea spray or drainage - effect how plants grow… or don't grow! Considerations are taken from these aspects so that your plants / trees not only survive but flourish & provide and ecosystem for life to thrive.
Matching foliage to building and the environment creates style e.g. Villa: traditional decorative English /French selection, clipped hedges, topiary. Contemporary garden: structural planting, mass planting, divaricating shrubs, ground covers. Country garden: Wild looking, grasses, flowers, edibles
The ongoing debate! Native NZ do their bit by attracting local fauna. Using a native selection means the longevity and preservation of NZ species. Exotics are not bad thing & essential to complete certain styles e.g. A Japanese garden without a Japanese Maple tree?
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