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Initial Consultation 


Following the completion of the Pre-Job Questionnaire, we book in our Initial Consultation.

Up to 80 minutes is spent in your Initial Consultation with you on site or in your outdoor space, discussing your provided information and walking through the space. We will outline the best options to fit into your lifestyle (e.g. low maintenance, family life, new sub-division, sale ready etc.). Be prepared but don't be afraid to chat about your project budget as this gently firms up the size of you project and gives us an allowance for materials, plants and labour cost when we come to designing the concept for your new space.  A project without and established budget means aspects of the design might have to be redesigned to fit into your budget and can become expensive and disappointing. Other early considerations like your timeline for the project will also be discussed during this meeting.

Fee Proposal

A Fee Proposal (Design Quote) is drawn up and shows the design fees which are based on the size of the project with an allowance of hours for design time and meetings. This will outline the elements of the landscape design project which have already been identified in the initial consultation. It will also list early considerations and approx. budget for the installation. 


Additional design costs may only apply should the scope of design work increase, for example additional plans for building consent / council requirements; adding a new area to be designed; an additional bespoke feature that needs designing (e.g. a matching gate). In this case it would be discussed before any additional works take place and signed off by both parties. We do this because we love to have clarity and keep things very transparent throughout the process - so it remains an enjoyable journey!

Site Survey

Recent architectural building and site plans are ideal - in this case we usually won't need to do a site survey because it gives us all the necessary information we need for our design work and planting plans to take place. If you don't have suitable plans, we will include the site survey cost in our Fee Proposal (for house to boundary measurements, identification and position of services and topography /or shoot levels etc.). 


Built into the Fee Proposal - one should expect at least two meets. The first is to present working drawings (if the project is not too complicated, further amendments can be emailed and discussed on the phone). And the final meeting is the exciting part where we do a final presentation of the plans and swatches etc. This is really great because it gives you time to ask more about the project. We can suggest experienced and trusted landscapers for your installation phase and give valuable advice about how to manage / phase your installation with the landscaper. Should additional meetings be required outside the Fee Proposal - these will be billed separately. 

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