Decorative features

Decorative features


Bespoke decorative features can make a landscape and add substance to an interior or exterior space! They give it a memorable aspect and can create a viewpoint, control a view, introduce interest, build in seating, accentuate a space, screen a neighbour, shelter from the wind, add creativity, create a ripple effect of the surrounding architecture, or even invite a new destination etc.


It’s a next level addition to any space where you create a feature from an designed installation made especially for you!

We design metal facades and screens, bespoke seating, climbing frames, tailored sculptures, additions to pergolas, gates, façade, outdoor lighting etc.

We also source interesting rock – something special, whether it be large format, engineered to a shape, or has a historical significance etc.

Decorative feature design in a range of materials
We specify metal, stainless steel, corten steel, zink & bronze. We design laser cut metal screens, lighting boxes, metal climbing frames, metal gates, building facades, Trellis, & bespoke outdoor seating and sculptures. We also handle the construction, fabrication & installation if required.
We have access to large format stone that can also be used in its raw form as giant steppers and garden features. We can also design bespoke stone features, such as table tops, seating columns and sculptures. We are affiliated with skilled stone carvers who can do all the decorative detailing at the same time.
Concrete is such a versatile material these days & can be specified to a range of exciting & contemporary finishes, such as shutter and exposed aggregate. We tailor designed concrete features such as built-in seating & 'floating steps’ for both commercial or residential landscape design projects.
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